Sunday, February 06, 2005

God Has a Sense of Humor, I Hope

Hoy Story posts a bible verse in response to DNC Chair hopeful Howard Dean's comment that "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for . . ."

No matter what the but after that is (and it's "but I admire their discipline and their organization"), it's the dumbest thing he's said yet. Why is it reasonable for top-rank liberals to say such things? You could easily substitute "Nazis" for "Republicans" without changing the context a bit, and I think that's exactly the point. That's what they see in the Bush administration: Nazi Germany. And no, I am not comforted by the understanding that such an attitude is an indication of either an incomplete education or outright insanity.

On one hand, I can't wait to see this guy in action. He should destroy the Dems in a month. On the other hand, this kind of rhetoric is not without consequences and is bound to make reasonable progress more, not less, difficult. We certainly don't need more delusion on the Left, and especially not from a leader of the party. Either Dean truly represents the Left or he doesn't, but either way he's a disastrous choice for DNC Chair. MacAuliffe was a stiff and a loser, but this guy's a blind drunk driver at the wheel of a leaky gas truck.

So here he comes, the ticking time bomb. Who will suffer from the explosion?


Anonymous said...

I actually like Howard Dean,
As long as the Democrats act as Republican lite there is no point in voting for them. The last election was a choice between Bush (more war) or Kerry (better war - but not very believable and trying to get the no war vote). Dean was anti war, and honest about it. Until the Democrats are different from Republicans there can be no real choice thus no real democracy and no real hope for the Democrats.

Unfortunatley your Nazi comment reminded me too much of the torture photos and the Gonzales memos - about which the lack of Republican outrage has been unAmerican.

In my opinion as a proud liberal, the Democrats need to be destroyed and rebuild themselves now. They voted for a war they didn't agree with, and a party without a spine is useless. Only Republicans will "suffer from the explosion" as republican lite is too easy to beat with the real thing. A real alternative is the best thing for both the Democrats and America. Perhaps Howard Dean can be the Newt Gringringe of the Democrats.


Uncle Mikey said...

I would most definitely welcome a liberal Newt Gingrich, but it's not that Dean's ideas are good but slightly over the top, it's that they'e bad. He has no idea what he's doing politically, ran through his campaign money like a crackhead, and has been extraordinarily nasty about being on the wrong side of history, decency and reality about the war in Iraq. Your party needs refurbishing, not a nuclear accident that will make it uninhabitable for millenia.

When the Dems stop seeing the US as the cause of the world's problems, they might just get somewhere with the American people. You've missed the point of the recent election; Dean would have been crushed. None of the Democratic candidates would have won. Kerry did as well as anyone but Lieberman would have, maybe, and he ran an atrocious presidential campaign. It's the whole goddamn liberal platform that's driving people away, not any particular method of putting it across.

Read this column:

Until Democrats start to get this guy's message, and he's as big a lefty as you or bigger (as is my brother David who agrees with me on this stuff), they are going to keep losing voters.