Monday, February 21, 2005

Ouchy Poo

In the process of hacking my lungs out after this flu, I have aggravated my injured neck greatly and will probably not blog much today. I can barely turn my head and may report to an ER or my neck doctor. Damn this hurts . . .

I have yet to post pics from the Iwo Jima reenactment some friends and I saw in Doss, TX, but hope to get to that today. The parade in Fredricksburg was very moving, literally hundreds of Iwo veterans moving by while the crowd applauded and thanked them. Some teary eyes among the vets and in the crowd as well.

The reenactment was the largest in history, hundreds of men (even 60+ from Japan) and a bunch of flamethrowers, not to mention several tanks, jeeps, half-tracks, a 105mm howitzer, and lots of fast-firing weapons shooting blanks (my favorite were the two quad-.50-cal antiaircraft halftracks, one of which shot blanks while the other was propane-operated). I can barely sit in this chair right now, so it may be tomorrow before I get to posting pics.

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