Saturday, April 02, 2005

See You on the Other Side, JP2

The Pope was a good guy, and I expect he'll be missed more and more as time passes. Anyone who stood against Nazis and Communists is all right with me, and he was indeed part of the fall of Soviet communism, a moral good that can't be diminished by disagreements about sexual matters.

I don't get pissy with the Catholic Church about their often silly and counterproductive statements and actions, because I believe they are on balance a Good Thing. I just think more people get help and comfort from the Church than get molested, oppressed or offended. It's sillly to take every attempt to suppress harmful and/or offensive things as an attack on personal freedom; I don't believe Larry Flynt's right to sell porn trumps my mother's right to not see it in a 7-11, and I don't believe slippery slope arguments have the least shred of validity in this day and age, not since a majority of people in the world learned what a slippery slope is.

But back to the late pontiff - he was a fine fellow and I wish I had paid more attention to him while he was alive.

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Anonymous said...

They have traced the shooting of the Pope back to the USSR. They were ultimately behind it but I believe Bulgaria carried it out. Yes, they were frightened of the Pope and his coming bulletproof Pope Mobile storming the Red Square and kicking ass on oppression and spreading Christianity. I remember a friend of mine who was secretly invited to pray while visiting communist Russia. It was a Russian soldier who stated they would be shot if they were discovered. He was humbled by my friend's name which was a derivative of "Christ". The soldier gave my friend his full length leather military jacket as a token of appreciation for praying with him and his family. I hope he was not shot when he showed up without a jacket at roll call. Seeing the Pope's younger years as well as remembering the ceremony in 78', I was kind of shocked that I did not remember him young. I forgot he skied and enjoyed the outdoors. I will remember it now.