Sunday, April 10, 2005

Revisiting Predictions of Doom

Beautiful Atrocities has a lovely post tracking the accuracy of predictions printed in The Nation, which are predictably kooky and, at this point, hilarious. Check some of these out:

"A military strike against the Taliban is full of perils that are far greater than the dangers we already face. Escalation is unthinkable. It must be avoided at all costs." Jonathan Schell, September 2001

"I don't think you have to love Saddam Hussein to be skeptical about the rosy scenarios being put forward on behalf of 'regime change'. Even Kanan Makiya, the Iraqi dissident who strongly favors invasion, admitted that there is only a 5% chance that the aftermath will be a democratic, peaceful Iraq that respects human rights." Katha Pollitt, Nov 2002

"Blue-collar [Dennis] Kucinich is the only one who can win back the blue-collar Reagan Democrats. Imagine him in a debate with Dubya. It would be a knockout in the first round, & we'd have an honest-to-God working-class President. Kucinich is the man to light the fire." Studs Turkel April 2002

That last one kills me. There are more, equally nutty. Check 'em out.

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