Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Damn He's Good

My homeboy (or whatever you call someone you attended school with, not "schoolboy" I guess because that sounds weird) Rogers Cadenhead nailed the new pontiff's pope name weeks early and even registered it ( as a domain. Whatever will he link it to? Nothing terribly naughty or disprespectful, if I know Rogers. Others aren't so sure.

I knew Rogers Cadenhead. I worked with Rogers Cadenhead. You, sir or madam, are no Rogers Cadenhead. And as a raised, baptized, once-a-year-attendance Catholic myself, I know that domain is in good and respectful hands. Besides, if he says his grandmother will go Kung Fu Hustle on his arse with crucifix nunchaku if he does something naughty with it, I believe him.

Good work my man.

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