Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Idol on Broadway

American Idol was pretty good last night, which is a huge relief after last Tuesday's debacle. Constantine made my wife fall even more in love with him, not to mention the increasingly deranged Paula Abdul, who declared her love publicly. She is really ruining the show, and embodies exactly what I hate about people who seem to want everything to be happy and positive; they get violently pissed when people disagree with them. How can they not see the contradiction? It is a show about who's the best singer, after all. They're going to have to learn to take criticism pretty soon if they want to be stars.

Scott Savol did OK, Anwar kicked ass, and Vonzell was so-so, as was Nadia. Carrie was good but boring, Anthony sucked, and Nikko did very nicely with a song from West Side Story. I sure hope tracheotomy boy (Anthony) gets booted tonight, he is killing me with the white pants. Ann Althouse wrote that he sang "Climb Every Rainbow," which is pretty accurate if you ask me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and GO CONSTANTINE. By the way, I predict that Paula will be in rehab within weeks. I saw her on he late show and she is either on pills, booze or both. She is one messed up fuck, i.e running from the scene of the accident weeks earlier.