Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blankety Blank Blank, you Blanky Blank

Dave at Garfield Ridge has found a lovely site that takes NWA songs and extracts all the clean parts, leaving what can only be described as catchy motivational tunes for all ages, as long as you don't mind hearing uninterupted filth. Which I don't.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that just awesome? They might as well do this for all rap since this is the underlying message along with the degredation of women, especially women of color. I cannot believe the majority of women puts up wit dat. I will confess it is quite entertaining for me, the musis that is, but I at least respect women and know there is a right and wrong time to listen to this.

vnusa2000 said...

I tried using HGT for cws-aboutblank and it was too complicated for my simple mind, so I switched to a true anti-spyware solution (unamed) software program that did the job.