Sunday, April 10, 2005

Amaryllis in the Back Yard

Amaryllis in Austin
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Normally these flowers would be bright red with white stripes, but my soil is rich with limestone, and I don't do the serious kind of amendment where you mix in a lot of good stuff and wait a month or so before planting. Plants and bulbs are lucky to get some good dirt put under them at all, much less long before.

It's a lovely plant even without the right colors, though.


Anonymous said...

I bow to your blooming flower since I just got smacked with a foot of snow in a blizzard this morning. Whares da mother f'ing flowerizzles? I just had to help out a robin hiding under the bush. I made a box with heat packs and placed it under the bush and the damn bird climbed in the thing. I was pretty impressed about the bird's smarts to accept a martha stewart good thing. The heat packs are good for an hour or so. It is still coming down and is about to start breaking limbs due to the snow being heavy and wet this tinme of year...just like my women.

Uncle Mikey said...

That's OK, you can make a box of heat packs for your women too