Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Speaking Of

This isn't Sabrina's favorite Miles Davis song (that would be "Old Folks" on "Some Day My Prince Will Come"), or even her favorite on "Kind of Blue" (that would be "Freddie Freeloader"), but it's the best YouTube video of Davis I could find in a hurry, and it has some amazing Coltrane work. Watch:

No, Sabrina, they don't make music like that any more. And yes, it's a shame, but the truth is not many people take their work as seriously as Davis took his (check out the intensity in his eyes - you won't see that in Jessica Simpson's, or even marginal intelligence). But all that past greatness is preserved for you, my little sweetheart, and Mommy and Daddy will make sure you get as much as you want.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!! Makes everyone else in the business look like a faggot

Anonymous said...

Mike's jowls blow out like this we he is earning extra money on 12th and Chicon

SippicanCottage said...

Sabrina is insanely pretty, my friend.

My wife and I have spent a measurable percentage of our lives together listening to Kind of Blue.

My oldest son is named Miles.

No reason.