Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Mean, Hello

Thomas Sowell makes a powerful case for getting our sh*t together immediately :

What kind of people provide a market for videotaped beheadings of innocent hostages? What kind of people would throw an old man in a wheelchair off a cruise liner into the sea, simply because he was Jewish? What kind of people would fly planes into buildings to vent their hate at the cost of their own lives?

These are the kinds of people we are talking about getting nuclear weapons. And what of ourselves?

Do we understand that the world will never be the same after hate-filled fanatics gain the ability to wipe whole American cities off the face of the earth? Do we still imagine that they can be bought off, as Israel was urged to buy them off with "land for peace" -- a peace that has proved to be wholly illusory?

Even ruthless conquerors of the past, from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler, wanted some tangible gains for themselves or their nations -- land, wealth, dominion. What Middle East fanatics want is the destruction and humiliation of the west.
Go read Ace's post on this, which is where I stole it.

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Anonymous said...

But Cindy Craphand knows what to do as well as all the other misguided liberals....... Oh yeah, the ACLU defends these bastards and then asks that US taxpayers fit their bills.