Friday, August 18, 2006


Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Sabrina almost has her top front teeth in, she's been rocking the lowers for a while now and wanted to match. They're quite sharp, and she's got surprising jaw strength. In fact it's kind of amazing how many ways she can hurt you. She's head butted me very painfully more than once and didn't even seem to notice, and she beats the hell out of Mommy on a regular basis with fists, feet and elbows, not to mention finger- and toenails.

She's like a ninja, anything can be a weapon. One of her favorite toys is a tiny maraca, and it's one of the more effective baby maces I've ever seen. It stings nastily when it catches you in the right spot. The dogs have very wisely steered far clear of her, and if she gets much stronger we're going to have to get Mommy some armor.

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Anonymous said...

Corn on the cob, everywhere, has fear in their hearts and a dump in the pants looking at those choppers.......