Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just How Crazy is the American Far Left?

Beyond psychotic, apparently. From a Daily Kos poll about Mike Wallace's creampuff of an interview with the nutty Iranian president:

Mike Wallace was totally rude and a jingoistic idiot - 71 votes - 33 %
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an idiot - 34 votes - 15 %
George Bush is an Idiot and Mike Wallace his pawn - 13 votes - 6 %
George Bush is an Idiot and Mike Wallace his pawn - 8 votes - 3 %
Mike Wallace, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and George Bush are idiots - 56 votes - 26 %
The interview was great by Wallace - 13 votes - 6 %
Who cares - 20 votes

Even worse are the utterly insane comments, like this:

I used to be against nuclear proliferation, but given what we've done in Iraq I
think the better thing would have been for Hussein to have developed nukes, and
prevented this long-term fiasco. The US seems to invade countries prior to
their going nuclear, in order so that we can continue to control those
countries. That seems to be the distinction between Iraq & North
Korea, and the reason we're pushing on Iran now and not on North Korea.
With the noted exception of the US, no such country (with an egomaniacal
brutal dictator and a land mass to protect) is going to use those weapons except

Or this wonderful sentiment:

I challenge your assumption on this. Iran has no such history of
instability, and is in fact one of the few stable democracies in the mideast -
even though it might not be a form you or I might like, as it's closer to the
religious democracy right-wing Christians would prefer. When only one
antagonistic power in a region has nukes, you can argue that it's an unstable
situation, such as when India had them before Pakistan. Right now, only
Israel has them in the mideast, and has indicated a willingness to use them.
Iran is in a dangerous neighborhood, with 3 antagonistic nuclear powers
within striking range of its territory. And the most dangerous,
aggressive, hostile nuclear power in the world, the US, has made threats against

But whatever you do, don't challenge their patriotism.

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Anonymous said...

Jump down, turn around, shine a purty shotgun... these miserable bastards and the insane idiots who support this.......just listen for the sweet sound of my shotgun racking since it will be the last thing they hear.