Monday, September 19, 2005

Highly Anticipated

The fourth annual Austin City Limits Festival is coming this weekend, and I'm very excited. Mostly because my wife no longer works for the people who run it, and the tension level around here is going to be nonexistent, instead of pegging a month before and lasting until months after, like the last two years. Sadly the wife is probably too pregnant to attend, so she won't know for at least a year what a blast it is to be there when you're not working. Next year, perhaps.

I'm mostly jazzed about Saturday, when Jet and Oasis are playing. Not a huge fan of Oasis, but ever since I saw them do a great show after many days of doing heroic amounts of blow on a tour bus, I've had a healthy respect for their professionalism, ironically enough. And they have some catchy tunes, too.

I sure hope I don't get ACL Lung/Sinus Syndrome again. That was a long-lasting bitch last year. Hopefully the Austin Parks and Rec people won't cover Zilker Park with Amdro the day before the festival starts like they did last year.

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