Monday, September 20, 2004

ACL Syndrome

ACL Dust Cloud
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
A lot of the people who attended the Austin City Limits Festival in Zilker Park over the weekend (75K Fri., Sat. and Sun.), including me, sound like Brenda Vaccaro (sp?) today. At night you could actually see the cloud of dust (I'm guessing five parts dirt, three parts vegetable matter, two parts human skin, and one part powdered dog shit) that hung over the crowd, and I saw it reflecting the flash from my camera a couple of times and thought there was dirt on my lens. I had no idea it looked like this.

My friend Skinny Bean from Denver observed that there was a stampede after the end of each set as people streamed from one end of the park to another in groups of 5-10,000 and that the haze from all the trampling got larger and higher each time. When I got home I blew my nose and was not particularly startled to see black stuff in the kleenex.

But it was lots of fun, and not nearly as hot as we thought it would be. And the music was amazing.

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