Thursday, September 22, 2005

Actors: The Real Heroes

When What Would Tyler Durden Do? isn't posting pics of inadvertently naked celebrities, they're analyzing pop culture. Today they recognize Michael Douglas for his recent heroism at the UN:

One time, Michael Douglas said words someone wrote for him in a make-believe office in front of a pretend judge in a movie about the President, and he looks a little like Martin Sheen - who has also pretended to be the President - so I think its time we began to listen as they talk about stuff they heard about at a coke party in Malibu. I would have thought that would be obvious, but I guess not. I mean, he rang the peace bell three times, people. Three is a lot, but even still, not all of you are doing peace yet. Does he have to ring it four times. Or five. Its amazing he even had the strength left to make snide and ill-informed remarks about the United States. Screw you fireman and scientists, that guy is the real hero.

Yea, brother.

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