Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Foretaste of Armageddon

It's got to get better at some point, but for now things on the Gulf Coast are in a miserable state. People are very unhappy about the state of emergency preparedness and in their rage are making another crisis. I understand that many survivors are in a desperate state, but forcing the local authorities to turn their attention to looting and other criminal activity instead of rescuing people and making sure they have food, water and shelter is the opposite of being part of the solution. People say we're never more than a generation away from savagery, but I think it's more like a couple of days.

Lucky for us, the rest of the world sends their sympathy. Well, not Germany. Or Clinton Adviser Sid Blumenthal. And I wouldn't expect an outpouring of foreign donations, exactly. But I'm sure there's some sympathy out there somewhere.

My friend Phillip F. called me a little while ago and said he keeps expecting to see Charlton Heston in the news coverage, wearing a neckerchief and saving lives. I'm sure there a lot of heroes in the area now, and Thank God for that, but I'm guessing neckerchiefs are not the order of the day. More like waders.

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