Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Catchphrase for the 21st Century

"Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters." - Lt. General Russell Honore, the guy who's running the New Orleans cleanup. Ace has the best set of links on this here.

If there's one thing I absolutely love, it's when an interviewee turns on a reporter who's asked a dumb question and unleashes the Kraken on him or her. Read it and giggle:

Male reporter: General Honore, we were told that Berman Stadium on the west bank would be another staging area...

Honore: Not to my knowledge. Again, the current place, I just told you one time, is the convention center. Once we complete the plan with the mayor, and is approved by the governor, then we'll start that in the next 12-24 hours. And we understand that there's a problem in getting communications out. That's where we need your help. But let's not confuse the questions with the answers. Buses at the convention center will move our citizens, for whom we have sworn that we will support and defend...and we'll move them on. Let's not get stuck on the last storm. You're asking last storm questions for people who are concerned about the future storm. Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters. We are moving forward. And don't confuse the people please. You are part of the public message. So help us get the message straight. And if you don't understand, maybe you'll confuse it to the people. That's why we like follow-up questions. But right now, it's the convention center, and move on.

Male reporter: General, a little bit more about why that's happening this time, though, and did not have that last time...

Honore: You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question. We are going to deal with Rita. This is public information that people are depending on the government to put out. This is the way we've got to do it. So please. I apologize to you, but let's talk about the future. Rita is happening. And right now, we need to get good, clean information out to the people that they can use. And we can have a conversation on the side about the past, in a couple of months.

This now replaces my old favorite from Jim Mora Sr. when he was the head coach of the New Orleans Saints (quelle coincidence, hmm? Maybe the city just brings it out of people), who let a locker room ninny have it thusly (I'm paraphrasing the first sentence, but I think it's correct):

"You don't know what we do to prepare for these games. You think you know, but you don't know and you never will."

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Dan Kauffman said...

"You are stuck on stupid, I’m not going to answer that question”

- - General Honore to reporter."

But then this is not the first time


"That's B.S. It's B.S.," Honore raged.