Monday, September 27, 2004

Mike's insane theory #1

Read what the title links to, and think back to the number of similar stories you've heard in the last year or more. Always in Israel, or nearby. Always bombs, or bomb parts, just 'going off by accident." I submit it isn't an accident.

I think the Israelis have found some way of detonating explosives from a distance, some kind of death ray I suppose, and when they see someone acting weird they aim it at them. If they blow up, they were about to do something naughty.

There was a thriller novel published a few years ago in which scientists invent a way to detonate gunpowder, making guns unusable (actually hideously dangerous to be around) within the range of the device. Like SF, techno-thrillers often presage real tech advances. Seems possible, right?

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