Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Isn't that interesting

From Rantburg, in the comments about the CBS forgery story, a theory on how these mysterious documents came to be, and why CBS aired them:

"FWIW (probably not much since you don't know who I am and my Iraqi source is wobbly), I just heard from a Dem insider friend in Austin. This is someone close to the Texans for Truth. She indicates the following:
1. Burkett is not the source (wouldn't say who is but says she is positive).
2. Dan's daughter Robin is involved but only as a conduit and is not culpable for the fraud.
3. The source does indeed have major dirt ("Leavenworth prison type dirt") on CBS, but it has nothing to do with Latin American revolutionaries as I had speculated earlier.

This story is going to get a lot bigger."

Scroll down for some interesting unsubstantiated rumor.

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