Sunday, September 19, 2004

John Kerry, pathological liar

I've been at a loss to understand why people are so willing to buy Kerry's version of himself. This guy isn't buying it, and neither am I. I think a lot of people object to Bush on the basis of a visceral reaction to memories of other people in their past who they imagine are like Bush. Which is silly, because there are any number of legitimate reasons to object to Bush without making it personal or emotional, and frankly it's inexcusable to choose an elected official on the basis of your emotional reaction to their appearance. But I should confess I have a visceral reaction to the person I understand Kerry to be, but for a different reason.

I tend to distrust people who aren't candid about their feelings. I've always maintained that as repellent a person as Howard Stern is, at least you know unequivocally where he stands. He is the same person no matter what. You could say that about Bush. John Kerry, on the other hand, has made a lifetime study of seeming presidential. He attempts to put on what can't be put on, and fails, but knows very well that in a free society, you are who you say you are. Ar at least, people tend to take you at your word, even if your word changes frequently. Kerry is trying too hard to be someone he is not. Bush isn't. That's meaningful in my book. You can trust Bush to be himself, but not Kerry. I don't want a president who's so wrapped up in what I think about him that it changes what he does and says.

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