Thursday, September 16, 2004

I told you so

Do PCs really cost less than Macs?

No. And they suck. Read it and weep, MicroSuckers. You've been had and now you've managed to convince yourself you're happy about it.

Money quote:

"Whereas the Dell has a faster processor, the Mac has a far faster graphics card, takes up way less room on the desk, has two firewire ports while the Dell has none, far better software package, has speakers, and better quality keyboard and mouse. The Dell's processor advantage is annulled by the lack of a graphics card- the Mac will do almost as well as the Dell in video/photo editting, due to the design of the processor, and the presence of a graphics card means the Mac will spank the Dell in gaming. So the Dell's processor will be of an advantage in...oh, word processing?"

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