Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weird World

From my sister Clare, this story about a dog that got addicted to sucking hallucinogenic toads. From an email titled "Just Say No." Awesome.

And my favorite thing about sports is strange statistics. According to ESPN's Stuart Scott on NFL Primetime, last Sunday's Steeler-Falcon game had two things happen that were so rare they had only ever happened twice in the history of the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick threw three and four touchdowns, respectively, and Hines Ward and Alge Crumpler each caught three touchdowns. Only twice before had opposing quarterbacks throw at least three TDs each, and only twice before had opposing players caught at least three TDs each. To have two such rare events happen in the same game is kind of interesting.

UPDATE: Man did I screw that up. Even as I was hitting the "publish" button I realized that it's impossible that only two sets of opposing QBs had ever thrown three TDs each in a game, I could think of a number of games I've seen this year where that happened. It turns out Scott was talking about it happening in the first half of a game, which makes way more sense. And of course as soon as I figured it out, I tried to change it but Blogger was down. Which is just perfect.

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