Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Little Perspective

I don't know if seeing this satellite picture of North and South Korea at night makes me more or less worried about Kim Jong-Il's wacky unpredictability, but it sure does add some context to the conversation. By this point in history, if you can't muster enough electricity to make but a single point of light on a map of your entire country, you've got serious problems. It can be argued that foreign aid, procured in recent years by holding the threat of a nuclear North Korea over the rest of the world, is the only thing keeping that sh*thole of a country afloat.

Which leads one to wonder how dangerous these people really are. If I read the consensus view right, the nuclear test earlier this week was not terribly successful, and some have alleged in the past couple of days that a conventional war with North Korea would not be difficult to win as (for example) their soldiers are poorly armed and fed, and their pilots get about two flight hours a month on average. I'm not sure I believe that, but it's an interesting point of view. This seems like a more informed one.

Bulgogi's pretty good, though. Gotta give them that.


Anonymous said...

Upon further examination of the single point of light, we found it to be a Faraday Flashlight, as seen on T.V., being worked by a North Korean citizen foraging for anything to eat or do on such a fine evening.

Anonymous said...

Update: the citizen was actually signaling UFOs while singing the 5th Dimension's "My Beautiful Balloon". "Up, Up and away, in my big beautiful barroon"