Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gitmo Blues Ain't So Blue

Claudia Rosett is the reporter who single-handedly uncovered the meat of the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, which should win her a Pulitzer but won't. You'll never believe what she has to say about Guantanamo Bay:

What we saw is a place so steeped in political correctness that it comes close to caricature. Make no mistake: The detainees occupy cells in a high-security facility. But almost every room has an arrow on the floor pointing to Mecca. Signs demanding silence stand ready for prayer time. Korans are cradled in surgical masks. Detainees are interrogated while sitting on sofas or cushioned reclining chairs.

They choose from a halal menu including such home-style treats as dates and baklava. Doctors, dentists and psychiatrists (offering confidential counseling) are on 24-hour call. Good behavior is rewarded with access to board games, books and communal areas, including more time in recreational yards - where we saw a group of detainees chatting around a table, while one of their cohorts nearby, at leisurely speed in the afternoon heat, pedaled an exercise bike.

An officer tells me that earlier this year Guantanamo was buying bottled water that had an American flag on the label. Lest this upset the detainees, base personnel were put to work stripping off the labels.

Oh great. I can't wait to hear again how inhuman and morally wrong it is to keep these terrorist SOBs there, relaxing, gaining weight (they all do, even the ones who stage hunger strikes) and living better than most who share their faith. Thanks to Atlas for the link.

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