Friday, October 27, 2006

Not Sure About That

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Sabrina likes to roam these days, and it's rare that she will consent to be held on one's lap for long. Sometimes you can catch her when she's tired or just woken up and she'll snuggle contentedly, but when she's awake there's just too much to do and relaxing isn't on the menu. She's just about to walk and spends a lot of time standing with a tenuous grasp on something solid, as if she's testing her balance and ability to recover from instability. Definitely not a timid girl, despite a number of resounding skull impacts on solid objects due to falling.

But no blood yet, thank God. I can't imagine what it's like to race to the ER with a bleeding gash in your toddler's head, but just thinking about it is mildly heartbreaking so I hope we don't get to experience that too soon. One day it will happen, as it did to all of my siblings and me, but I'd rather it was later than sooner. She did apparently inherit the Bolduc skull, so when she does hit her head she cries for about a minute or less and then it's as if it never happened.

In this pic she looks mildly amused but not quite convinced. And beautiful, needless to say.

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Anonymous said...

Bumps and bruises is part of the dealio so we all hope for the best but you better stock up on Dermabond, bactine and band-aids