Thursday, October 19, 2006

Coming to Get You

Yo, Baby
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Sabrina's about to walk. She's standing up for long periods, often while lifting large and/or heavy things. We took her to my friend Ralston's wedding this last weekend and she stomped all around the place holding hands or fingers when she wasn't riding on my shoulders. She loves shoulder rides, and I wish they could be longer but it's very painful for me and I have to stop when my arms go numb because I'm afraid I'll drop her. That takes a minute or so, fortunately, which is usually enough shoulder riding to make her happy.

We got her a number of walky toys, things she can hold on to while marching around, much like I used a walker after my back surgery. One of the new toys is a mini ice cream cart, complete with little fake cones, popsicles and little coins. As we suspected, she likes boxes more than the toys that come inside them, but nowadays that's because she can use them to pull herself up to her feet and walk around while pushing them in front of her. The walky toys are good for walking but less so for pulling herself up, and she's learned not to try on a couple of them because it usually ends with her on her back with the walker on top of her. Not painful but embarrassing.

We can't wait for her birthday, which is in a month and a half. Not to mention Halloween! What fun.

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