Monday, September 25, 2006

Someone's Got Shoes On

Crawler 2
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
I never really understood the whole baby shoe thing. They don't walk much before about a year, but people make baby shoes for much younger kids. I don't get it.

These are kind of nice, and they match as far as I can tell. Which isn't very. Here Sabrina sucks, or really gobbles, her thumb, which is rare. She's not much of a pacifier user, and has pretty much stopped eating her hand in favor of slobbering and gnawing on inanimate objects. So this is a rare sight, and you should appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

Now she is reveling in the success of "deadly lotus smile" and that it was executed with shear perfection. Her quarry, now falls to her feet, slain by the goodness of a baby's smile. Buy her car Mikey!