Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Richly Deserved

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
When Sabrina catches you mocking her mad face, this is what comes next. She really can tear your face up pretty well, and will given a chance, so I wasn't really sure what to do the first couple of times. I don't want to freak out when she inadvertently hurts me because I don't want her to be scared or even dismayed by it, not really having the capacity to understand the connection between gouging my eye out and me screaming yet.

So now I say "Owww" softly and look vaguely unhappy when she scratches my lips off, and she'll get very gentle after that because she's a sweetheart and doesn't want to hurt Daddy. Yet.

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Anonymous said...

It is all in preparation to dating.... let her bite, claw and punch since these skills will have value one day as well as helping you save on ammunition for your shotgun.