Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sabrina Shares

Peekaboo 4
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If you get close enough during meal times, Sabrina will decorate you. I woke up this morning with grape popsicle (the healty all-fruit kind) in my hair from last night's dinner, which we ate outside on the neighbors' back deck with them, their sons Lincoln and Beckett, and our other neighbor Mike from a few blocks away.

I cooked Primos, which some of you may remember from the now-defunct Mad Dog's on 24th Street near the UT campus. Parts of Richard Linklater's Slacker were filmed in its parking lot/dining area, and I used to eat one or more Primos a week, because they were just so damned good. A Primo is a hamburger with raw bacon, onions and jalapenos mixed in to the ground beef before cooking, which makes a spicy, flavorful burger that is second to none if made correctly.

I've been trying, and failing, to make a Primo correctly for 20 years now, and learned only four or five ago to use a Cuisinart to get the bacon, onion and jalapenos right before mixing in with the beef. Now I'm the Primo master, and none can withstand my power. NONE!

I can't wait to see Sabrina wolf one down ten years from now. As soon as she's done, she'll wipe her hands on my shirt and run off to play.

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Anonymous said...

Am I correct to sate that the the Primo was topped with some type of black bean salsa and fritos or was that a different burger? You got the ingredients correct in the burger...Dang I miss that greasey spoon.......