Monday, September 04, 2006

One of 5,000 Blog Posts Titled "Crikey" today

While I'm sad that Croc Hunter Steve Irwin is dead of a stingray barb to the heart (apparently in an attempt to demystify the stingray in a TV or film shoot), I kind of hope it's a lesson to others to stop messing with dangerous animals just because you can. I never understood what was to be gained by a hefty, overly energetic Australian molesting innocent animals on camera. I do now. RIP, God bless, and luck to the family, Steve.

I suppose this post is in bad taste, but, I mean, it's kind of funny. Not really funny, but kind of. This, on the other hand, is so funny I'm ashamed to post it. Or at least I should be.

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Anonymous said...

So you really think you are at the top of the food chain? I agree and especially being in the ocean and molesting poisonous animals. Although the stingray is rather docile it appears it was threatened of being boxed in and struck. Sorry Stev-o of down under but it was really was a jack-ass move and now you have lost your life. You will be missed.