Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh No, Not Again

Fjordman over at Gates of Vienna has written a horrifying analysis of France's future that leaves little to the imagination:

If Muslim immigration continues, the impending fall of France could mark the starting point of the Balkanization of much of Europe, perhaps later even North America. I fear this is a world war. Maybe future historians will dub it the Multicultural World War. Just as WW1 was caused by Imperialism, WW2 by Fascism and the Cold War by Communism, this one will be caused by Multiculturalism. The term “the Multicultural World War” has been coined by Fjordman. I find this to be more accurate than “The Islamic World War” because what will cause this world war is Western cultural weakness, through Multiculturalism and Muslim immigration, rather than Islamic strength. As poster DP111 says, this world war may very well be in the form of a global civil war, where you get a succession of civil wars instead of countries invading other countries. Multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass-immigration destroy the internal cohesion of the decadent West, which will slowly fall apart as it has lost the will to defend itself and the belief in its own culture. The wars in the Balkans in the 1990s will in hindsight be seen as a prelude to the Multicultural World War. Rather than a Westernization of the Balkans, we get a Balkanization of the West.

Terrifying. Read it all.

On a barely related note, "Oh No, Not Again" is the only song name I remember from my brother's friend's band (Stab the Dog, if you must know) performing at one of Texas' last genuine dance halls, Crider's, in the late '70s. Needless to say the crowd there had never heard a punk band live and didn't know what to think when the lead singer performed from inside a cardboard box for the first song or two. MAN did they suck.

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