Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Buzzing the Tower

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Mommy can get Sabrina to have a laugh attack just by tickling her and giggling herself. The only way I get a chuckle out of her is to fly her around above me while I'm lying down. Soon I hope to be able to serve as exciting transportation in all modes and settings, but until my back is healed it's going to be kind of a boring ride.

Deirdre is, as expected, not terribly excited about catering to any adrenaline junkie tendencies in Sabrina's makeup. I say you have that particular affliction or you don't, and if Sabrina does we can't stop her, we can only try to be nearby when she crashes her tricycle, Big Wheel or dirt bike. That's right, honey, I said dirt bike. Live with it.

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Anonymous said...

It looks liekyou have reloacted the home office next to your bed. All you need now is th epizza delivery on speed dial and a poo bucket that auto empties out the window and you never have to leave.

D, help him and re-introduce Mikley back into society