Monday, April 03, 2006

France is Awesome

Man is that place in trouble (link from Castle Arghh). My wife and I have talked about visiting Paris but even though I spent some time there as a kid I have zero desire to participate in a Beyond Thunderdome race war with a baby and a tender back. Read the excellent Theodore Dalrymple piece on the nightmare brewing in the banlieus here (Link via Allah blogging at Michelle Malkin's place) and tell me you'd take your family anywhere near that.

Genealogically, I'm half Frenchy via Canada, but this last 60 years or so have been too disastrous for France to keep any loyalty I may be inclined to feel. France, you're dead to me.


Anonymous said...

I love how the US is constantly critized for racisim, etc. with the recent developments and in addition to the previous suppression of the muslim community... by our "friends", the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

French Guy said...

You do not have any sense of how beautiful France is. I am French and am greatly insulted by your tasteless post. You Canadians just love bleak empty landscapes and France holds too many wonders for you to even imagine.

I will have you know that I am French-American and I hate the country of the United States of America, but love the people. The people of America, are proud, yet arrogant.

So I understand how you feel, but it is not a reason for you to write a post about it.

How would you feel if I wrote 'Canada sucks'. Wouldn't like it, would you?

Be sensible.

Insulted French Guy

French Guy said...


Anonymous, you have no idea how stupid you are.

You said 'I love how the US is constantly criticized for racism' meaning you don't think you Americans are racist and then you say 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' then saying what you think of the french, which is racist.

I'll have you know all french do not love cheese, and I am pretty sure not all Americans rave about McDonald's.

Insulted French Guy