Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Am Not Ashamed

To link this Ann Coulter piece about America's refusal to condemn those who put themselves in harms way while living it up:

Not very long ago, all the precursor behavior in these cases would have been recognized as vulgar -- whether or not anyone ended up dead, raped or falsely accused of rape. But in a nation of people in constant terror of being perceived as "judgmental," I'm not sure most people do recognize that anymore.

It shouldn't be necessary to point out that girls shouldn't be bar-hopping alone or taking their clothes off in front of strangers, and that young men shouldn't be hiring strippers. But we live in a world of Bill Clinton, Paris Hilton, Howard Stern, Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," Democratic fund-raisers at the Playboy Mansion and tax deductions for entertaining clients at strip clubs.

This is an age in which the expression "girls gone wild" is becoming a redundancy. So even as the bodies pile up, I don't think the message about integrity is getting through.

The liberal charge of "hypocrisy" has so permeated the public consciousness that no one is willing to condemn any behavior anymore, no matter how seedy. The unstated rule is: If you've done it, you can't ever criticize it -- a standard that would seem to repudiate the good works of the Rev. Franklin Graham, Malcolm X, Whittaker Chambers and St. Paul, among others.

Every woman who has had an abortion feels compelled to defend abortion for all women; every man who's ever been at a party with strippers thinks he has to defend all men who watch strippers; and every Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton feels the need to defend duplicity, adultery, lying about adultery, sexual harassment, rape, perjury, obstruction of justice, kicking the can of global Islamo-fascism down the road for eight years and so on.

Sometimes I wish Ann wouldn't always go for that last kick in the ribs, but in this case it's warranted.


Anonymous said...

Awesome "Jackie Chan sidekick" last statement. She is absolutely correct in this case as well as the rest of the column.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of adulterers on the GOP side of things: Gingrich, Livingston, Hyde and more. Oh but, their behavior is probably Bill Clinton's fault too right?

One reason I don't like to judge so much is this somewhat important being named GOD who told me flat out not to Judge.

And, yes, these guys at Duke deserve a fair trial and shouldn't be tried in the court of public opinion. Its quite possibly a false accuasation situation. If it is, the accuser should then go to jail.

But, to say all this is Bill Clinton's fault is so darn silly I nearly feel sorry for you.