Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Look . . . Of . . Love . . .

Proud Papa
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
You can see it in their faces. Sabrina's lasered in on her former dwelling/current nest/food source/love fountain Mommy holding the camera with perfect, innocent baby love for her mother. Daddy's love is 95% directed at his angel Sabrina, and an ever dwindling 5% at a game of NFL Football, which has become a lot less important since his daughter was born. Daddy doesn't mind that a bit, in fact he's kind of relieved because in the past this time of year was the accursed season when that bitch NFL football was about to leave him suddenly, breathlessly, miserably alone for half a year, aGAIN, after one last bang she makes him wait two weeks for. Then he had nothing but Formula One, the World Series and ESPN's Street Ball until September. So it all works out nicely.

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