Friday, January 27, 2006


Pretty Baby
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Is it just me, or does my baby Sabrina have movie star looks already? Man is she beautiful. It's like she got all the pretty both her parents ever had combined. Yesterday she started grabbing things regularly, for the first time really as she's been pawing at things but not actually grasping them. She is madly in love with a Baby Einstein classical music and light show plush star that came with a baby gym (the colorful pad you put on the floor that has cushy tentpoles that arch up from the corners to cross in the middle and have stuff hanging from them, such as the musical star) and was grabbing it successfully all day. I also get a kick out of it because it's the only one of four or five musical baby toys we have that doesn't manage to mangle the music through a tinny speaker (I mean come on, people, it's 2006) and the lights at the star's points shift with the music, sometimes with the base melody and sometimes with the acrobatic solos. Anyways, time to go baby toy shopping, I'm getting a little tired of the three songs the star plays, even though they're obscure enough to be interesting and they sound good.

It'll be a little bit sad when I'm healthy enough to work all the time, I'll miss most of these little firsts that make my heart swell up with pride and joy. I suppose hearing about them is cool too, but I will definitely miss seeing them.


Anonymous said...

M & D, she is a beautiful baby indeed.

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