Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Can't Escape the Gnashing Fangs of Death

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
On the topic of biting, Ollie here has developed the awful habit of nipping noses and lips when he gets really excited. The wife and I have learned to hold him far enough away to not lose skin or bleed much (see D's left hand on Ollie's chest) but there's a fine line between allowing him close enough to give a disgusting doggie kiss and getting your face ripped off. I can't wait until he clumsily bites Sabrina, that should be a riot. I sure hope he likes Siberia, because that's where he's going to end up if he hurts my little honeybunch. He's got the right fur for it, anyway.


Anonymous said...

You make light of it and you should not. Take the French lady who just received a face transplant because HER dog ripped her face off as the most extreme example. Now think about a girl, Sabrina for example, receives a disfigurement no matter how slight it is because you condone this behavior. It's called a back slap to condition the dog not to do this or you choice of negative conditioning besiades "timeout". I have seen tons of pics and have not only been a witness to but also have been a client of a great dog bite. If you allow this behavior to continue then Sabrina will have no one to blame but the parents and not the dog. This was a ridiculous post to read Mikey! Is your dog more important than your daughter's well being? Spare her the trauma please.

Uncle Mikey said...

Easy there, poopy. Oliver is pretty well conditioned to stay away from the baby and gets a lot of reinforcement in that direction, but Ollie is an exuberant fellow and may well make a couple of mistakes. I used to torment the family dachshunds and both of them bit me on the face at one time or other, so I'm not sure we can spare her every potential injury, but I'll do my best to keep Sabrina from becoming the next Scarface.