Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here Comes the Lip

Grumpy Baby
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Sabrina is so sweet to give warning when she's unhappy. The lower lip pouts, and then you've got maybe ten seconds to figure out what she wants before she starts bawling. The great thing about this is that I've gotten pretty good at guessing what the problem is and therefore have been able to divert my little angel from her unhappiness as often as I have failed. A small blessing, but one that I welcome.

Please note that in the sidebar on the left of this page is a new link (SABRINA PICS) to my Flickr photostream, that's every pic I've ever posted to my Flickr account. Most of the recent ones will be of Sabrina, and I upload most of the good ones we take, so that's where you'll find the baby pics I don't post here. Enjoy, unless you're a liberal and you go too far into the archives and find some of the nastier anti-lefty stuff I've posted. Then I apologize. But honestly, if you are a liberal, you've got bigger problems than unflattering portrayals of your political leaders.

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Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for posting pics to lefty, showing them their deliterious mind thought. I hope the Sabrina pics bring relief to them as they see their flaws and are crying into their dirty unwashed patchouli palms.