Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Best Baby Ever

Sabrina is interested
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
I would go further with the above statement, but so far Sabrina doesn't have discernable magic powers, so it's probably not appropriate to say she's the best baby imaginable. Yet. But she's absolutely amazing and beautiful, although still battling baby acne. She's tracking things and people remarkably well at 5 weeks old, and has been smiling (socially smiling, our pediatrician says) since about two weeks.

I remember hearing people talk about seeing their child's smile and what it meant to them, but frankly I wasn't really listening, and even if I had been I wouldn't have understood without seeing my own child's beaming face. Every other time she wakes up, it's with a huge Herman Munster grin, complete with T. Rex-style arm-waving from the elbows down, and it melts my heart every time. The other day she and Mommy took a bath together, and we found out Sabrina absolutely loves to float. She gets the happiest look on her tiny face and starts thrashing around like a hooked sunfish, cooing away and blinking when she splashes herself. It's amazing how magically such a thing can transform your day, or even week.

What a life. Between Sabrina and the Rose Bowl, we're having a fantastic 2006, despite impending back fusion surgery for me. More pics soon.


Martyn R. Buffler said...

Well. well. Mike is a dad. Now you understand the real meaning of life. You are blessed....

Congrats grasshopper!

Uncle Martyn, Eliazbeth, Kate, Grace and Robert Luke

Anonymous said...

I can tell Sabrina is mesmerized by your enormous noggin Mikey. She cannot take her eyes off it it by the appearance of the photo and wonders if she will ever be able to find a trucker hat, World's best Dad, that will fit.

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