Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ricky Williams, My Hero

I don't get the nastiness about Ricky Williams' return to the Miami Dolphins. Every interview I've seen this season gives me the impression he's much more together now than he ever has been in the past, and whose business is it whether he plays football or not? The Fins suck and have for years, and his presence or absence last year wouldn't have changed anything about that. To treat his departure as any kind of betrayal of the team, football in general or himself is utterly ridiculous.

Football has always inspired the dumbest kind of macho blather, and there is no shortage of numbskulls who insist on making it a metaphor for any number of silly things, but Ricky Williams is an adult who doesn't owe us or his team anything but the effort he's always made at his chosen profession. He's not a hero and doesn't need to be one to be a successful person. Frankly I think it's been a miserable burden being who he is until now, and he needed some time to himself to get his perspective back. Anyone who felt betrayed by his departure and resents his return needs to take a long look at their own bizarre worldview and grow the @#$% up.

So get crazy out there this season, Ricky. Show the world what you can do when you're enjoying the game you play for the right reasons. You did the right thing.

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