Thursday, August 11, 2005

Planned Parenthood and NARAL: About as F%cked Up as It Gets

If you haven't seen Planned Parenthood's cartoon in which a superhero kills an abstinence advocate and "anti-choice" protesters in the name of stopping "intimidation and violence," you really should check it out. They've removed the original link but The Dawn Patrol has found a way to play it. Dawn has a bunch of interesting links in her post, check them all out.

And I didn't post about NARAL's "Screw Abstinence" event earlier because I didn't have time, but I've had a number of arguments with people about abstinence, and opponents invariably say "it doesn't work" and "that's all abstinence advocates teach." You've got to have a really low opinion of people to believe that abstinence is an unattainable goal, and nobody gets all their info from one source, so teaching abstinence only in a particular arena like school or church won't prevent children from hearing about contraception.

I don't believe Planned Parenthood and NARAL when they say they're concerned with the health and safety of children; if they really were they'd discourage sexual behavior as much as possible before the age of consent. What they're really interested in is changing sexual morality across the board, and making sex as consequence-free as possible. There's a big difference there, and as someone who's about to have a daughter I'm going to fight them as hard as I can for control of my child's sexual attitudes.

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