Friday, August 12, 2005

Move Over, Jackass

Saw a show last night on Fox Reality that made me very happy, something called World of Stupid, which features Jackass-style groups around the world. While the Japanese Shock Boys were vaguely interesting, a Scandinavian trio called Dudeson blows everyone, including Jackass, away completely in terms of stupidity and bodily harm, featuring one member who lost a thumb in a stunt and another who's had his back broken three times. I can't find anything about them online, but they have a large following in Europe.

Part of the show involved interviews with their doctor, who seemed to be having as much fun with it all as they were. Their former manager talked about being pissed on, lit on fire, having his back broken, and then being fired. He kept looking behind him during the interview, fearing an attack from the Dudeson boys I suppose. And one of the three had a hole in his jeans during their interview and his sack was hanging out of the hole for five minutes or more, in full view. Good times.

UPDATE: Found them here, under The Dudesons, not Dudeson. Watch the video provided for samples and endorsements from Steve-O and Bam from Jackass.

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