Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I was gonna vote, but GTA San Andreas is really cool ...

Apparently the youth vote didn't turn out like people had hoped. And of course, the 'journalist' had to include this quote, from a youth voter:

"'It's definitely the war,' said Eliana Deutsch, 20, of San Diego, explaining why she came out. 'People see these soldiers who are 18 and don't have an education, and they're over there dying. It's really sad that that (the military) is their best option.'"

They can't WANT to be soldiers, right? Nobody WANTS to be a soldier, do they? So they must be there against their will. Isn't that SAD? A bit of "Fahrenheit 9/11" wisdom from a youth voter, which is demonstrably untrue and borderline slanderous. I guess I'm not a fan of "Rock the Vote" either, if this is the kind of voter who turns out.

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