Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not Wild About This Idea

Remote-control hunting seems a little crazy, since someone has to go dress the dead beast, assuming you even kill it from your home or office. I liked "The Jackal" only because of the remote sniper system (I can't stand bad Irish accents like Richard Gere's in that film) and have occasionally considered putting four or eight such devices on the outside of a house and building a reinforced panic room from which to control them if the world goes completely to shit, but I'm not sure this is a good application of the remote rifle concept. Isn't a rifle advantage enough? I say deer hunting should be done with a large knife in an enclosed space. Even the odds a little, what?

1 comment:

fringy said...

Are you crazy?
Someone might get hurt!
At least with the remote control you are safe and sound in the house.
Of course if God wants to get you, there is always..
dum dum dum....

The electric toaster!