Monday, November 29, 2004

My New Favorite Site

Narco Nympho
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I came across this Boingboing post today, and ended up spending about an hour looking at hilarious old paperback covers here. Picking just one of the literally hundreds of priceless book covers to post here took a while, but it was fun.

Some of my favorite subheads from other covers:

"Primeval Passions Lured Them to Lust's Outlands!"

"She Lusted in Sin Orgies and Reefer Brawls!"

"They Came from Filthy Slums - Where Even Their Dreams Were Dirty!"

"Reckless Desire Ruled Their Shame Cult!"

"They Sailed on Boiling Seas of Depravity!"

And finally, from a book on the cover of which is depicted a naked woman being beaten with a broom by an unseen hippie, "Life Was an Orgy for These Passion Bums!"

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