Thursday, June 28, 2007

Funniest Thing Ever

I was over at my buddy Mike S.'s (he of the Cobra and inordinately large R/C car collection) hanging out as he was watching Miami Ink or that other tattoo show. I was remarking that the reasons given for having the tattoos done were mostly pretty tragic ("I ran over my own kid/my husband shot a cop and is in prison forever/my Mom died of cancer") and then we started talking about how many Rockabilly-looking people have tattoos today. Mike said, "What do you mean rockabilly people?" I described the qualities of such people, like rolled up jeans, white t-shirts with cigarette packs rolled up in one sleeve, pompadours, big sideburns, Bettie Page hairdos on the women, pale skin, hair dyed black, that kind of thing.

Mike responds, "You mean like Goth Fonzie?"

I still laugh out loud every time I think of it.

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Anonymous said...

I have not laughed that hard in quite some time! I first thought it was going to be a ho hum read but the punchline, "Goth Fonzie"!! That word needs to be copyrighted asap.