Friday, June 08, 2007

Sassy Bananas

Lord she is adorable. We took her to the pediatrician for her 18 month checkup and of course she is in fine fettle and pushing 97th percentile in head size. I can't get enough of her hair and how great it looks on camera, you can almost never see the color correctly unless it's in a picture, which makes no sense of any kind. Oh well.

Sabrina loves running down the slight grade leading down the sidewalk toward the park, held by the hands so any stumble, misstep or outright quadricep failure can be absorbed by the parent or parents. She kind of floats along at a baby sprint, sort of a moonwalk experience I'd imagine.

Doing it solo is one of the more challenging maneuvers I've come across in this fatherhood thing, and I include in that the length and breadth of baby tossing. You basically run in slow motion bent double sideways, desperately ignoring the pain in your spine and legs. Her expression alone makes it worth the pain, but there must be a better way. Time to invent a baby device . . .

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