Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OK, David Beckham is Pretty Good

I'm not at all sure this will embed for everyone, but it worked on my Mac and that's generally plenty of embeddiness for just about anyone. Anypoop, I enjoyed it, and as Reggie Bush says in the video, I have a newfound respect for soccer after watching this:

Check out Becks hackying a goddamn football like 7 times, as the ball spins and presents him 7 differently angled surface on 7 different parts of the ball, on his first try ever. Great athletes excel at just about everything immediately, and he's no different. That wacky dork-style double move pattern he smokes Bush with was awesome too.

Link courtesy of Trent at Pink is the New Blog.


Anonymous said...

As much as I detest soccer I will admit to their ability to handle bals better than everyone.. maybe because he is British and they are known for great ball handling....

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