Sunday, May 07, 2006

RC Heaven

RC Heaven
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
My friend Mike S., who lives right down the street and drives this car, is the only reason I've ever had any fun driving my remote control car. When he, my friend Lew and I all got RC cars, Mike housed, maintained and repaired them just because he's a nice guy. Lew and I agree that without Mike we would have put them together, raced them until we broke them, and never used them again. Instead, ten years later we're still running them and having a blast.

Recently Mike discovered that you can buy great used RC stuff, probably from people like me and Lew who crashed them a couple of times and just gave up, for almost nothing. Now he's got sixteen or more working cars, all top quality and in perfect working order. These are the off-road cars, hanging with their radios from a rack Mike made out of wood and wire hangers.

Thank God for Mike. I almost hate to arrange an intervention about the Ebay addiction, but it must be done.

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Anonymous said...

Mike has all the cool stuff, we common folk just have to bow to the awesome power of toys being emanated from his garage.