Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Voice that's Bigger than Life

Jennifer Hudson is an amazing singer, and should have won season 3 of American Idol. I was deeply disappointed when she got voted off the island in seventh place. Effing seventh. Maybe Elton John is right, I thought, America is too racist to let someone like her win. As someone who has watched every second of Idol ever broadcast, let me assure you it was because she's a big old weirdo, and most people aren't comfortable with that from a woman, especially a black woman. I don't know why that is, it just is. She acted a little wacky on the show a few times and got real quiet at times on the show when a few words, any non-psychotic words really, would have established a sympathetic part of her character that she hadn't really shown up to that point. I loved her from the first moment and didn't need her to do anything but sing her ass off every time, which is exactly what she did. But I have to admit I didn't vote for her very much during the week she got booted even though I knew very well she probably needed it, and I wonder if I didn't unconsciously assume she wouldn't care either way. Which she might not have, and if so she was exactly right. Winning is hardly the point of American Idol. Exposure is the whole kaboodle.

But my God Jennifer Hudson can sing. She could then

And she still can. I got her version of "And I am Telling You" and it's flawless and spine-tingling. She's a treasure and I'm so glad that cheesy show gave her the leg up she needed to get where she is today.

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